A couple of months ago, my sister won a new heating and cooling system

My sister Jen won a new heating and cooling system a couple of months ago when she entered a radio contest.

She has always been lucky at stuff like that, ever since we were kids.

She used to always win at board games and at video games. It used to make me so mad that I could never beat her, but that’s just the way things always were with us. However, the fact that she was lucky just kept on going right up until now when we are both adults. My sister had been in need of a new heating and cooling system for quite a while, but she always said that she didn’t have enough money to purchase a new one for her house. So whenever they started advertising the fact that they were going to be giving away a new high efficiency heating and cooling system on the local radio station, my sister started to really pay attention. She said that she waited around every single day to hear the signal for the call in portions of the show so that she could call them and try to get on the air to win. She did it day after day and on the day that she finally got through, they just so happened to be asking trivia questions about her favorite band. She knew the answer to every single question that they asked her and that’s how she ended up winning the new heating and cooling system that’s in her house now. She is loving it and I’m happy for her!
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