I am a big fun of playing drums

I always buy this natural chocolate made with maltitol and has 0% sugar.

I eat it with unsalted peanuts since I get that candy bar taste without all the extra sugars.

Find some great chocolate that’s naturally sweetened and pair it with peanuts. Tell me if it doesn’t taste the same as a Snickers bar. This recipe lacks the caramel that a Snickers has, however, the taste is great and is even more amazing with a cup of black unsweetened coffee. I like having some each afternoon with my tea as I wake up with chilly A/C during the sizzling summer season. I find this place to be so hot in the afternoon and I like to have my smart control unit set to around 70F to keep me cool as I get ready to work online. Today. I’m going to do some HVAC duct cleaning after I finish my writing work. I’m also planning to be part of a gig with my friends this weekend with my sound unit and drums. We have a local restaurant which lets us perform on their terrace because we do attract lots of folks who end up in the restaurant to eat. I like playing drums and would one day prefer to tour around locally playing in bars and clubs at night since this is fun to do with my bandmates. We would rather perform in air conditioned clubs in the summer season as it just gets way too hot in them if they don’t have any weather conditions control.

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