I had to fight for a room with a working heater

The hotel staff wasn’t going to transport my room, however the parking lot was half full

I made the decision to drive up north to see my loved ones for a week, however it was a relatively long drive. I decided to stop as well as get a hotel room for the night. I originally planned to drive the entire way, even though I was honestly too tired after being up all afternoon as well as going to class. I stopped at a hotel that was right off the interstate‚Ķ They had availability as well as the rates were adequate. I was asking for a room on the first floor. I grabbed my overnight bag from the vehicle as well as was able to check into the room. The first thing I did was turn on the heater machine. It was pretty cold as well as there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. The heating machine came on immediately as well as the air was relatively hot. I knew the room was going to get overheated in no time. I turned on the shower as well as prepared all of my shaving supplies. The heating machine suddenly stopped about 5 seconds after I turned it on. It made a couple of backfire noises as well as would not start up again. I called the front desk as well as I told them about the heating machine issue. They said okay as well as I assumed they would send someone to assist. After some time had passed, I called the front desk again. They told me there were no other rooms available as well as offered to bring me an extra blanket. The hotel staff wasn’t going to transport my room, however the parking lot was half full. It was obvious there were other rooms available. I went down to the lobby as well as yelled at the clerk until I was able to move my room.

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