It isn’t easy being a cheerful HVAC technician.

My work mates are always commenting on how cheerful I am. They said it was like no matter how bad my day was, I always found something to smile about. That was how I tried to live my life. Life was too short to be angry or upset about something or someone. If you didn’t like the way things are in your life, you needed to change it. I told my guys that more than once. If they didn’t enjoy being an HVAC technician, they could change jobs. Sometimes, it isn’t easy being a cheerful HVAC technician. I have problems at home, just like everyone, but I try not to bring them to the HVAC company with me. Those problems may boil over, but I don’t sit around and complain to fellow workers, or take it out on my customers. I don’t think the customers need to know our lives aren’t perfect, or maybe we’ve become disillusioned with our jobs. I try to make their days as easy as I can. They are probably having a hard day if they had to call the HVAC company. Maybe they are without heat, or about to be without heat because of their furnace. It may be suffocatingly hot in their home because the air conditioning unit has broken down. They don’t need me making their day even worse because I don’t know how to leave my problems at home. Am I always cheerful? No, but I don’t need to advertise it. I’ve converted some guys, but I don’t think I’ll ever get through to all of them. As long as their gripes stay at work, I’m okay.

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