Our family reunion won’t have a/c

There won’t be a/c at our family reunion this year as well as so I am dreading it! I go to the family reunion every single year as well as usually I entirely look forward to it.

I like to eat all of the yummy food as well as I also like sitting as well as talking with all of my aunts, uncles, as well as cousins.

I don’t see my family very often since I live about three hours away from most of them. Usually the only time that I ever get to see them is at the family reunion as well as so I look forward to it. Usually they hold the reunion in a important banquet hall as well as the banquet hall has great indoor air quality. I remember feeling like the place was very comfortable every single year that my associate and I decided to go there for the reunion. I never got too hot as well as the air wasn’t stuffy or anything. Since my associate and I have the reunion during the summer, the weather outside is consistently very hot when my associate and I have it. That is why I just cannot understand why the people in my family who consistently plan the reunion decided that instead of having it at the nice air conditioned banquet hall that my associate and I usually have it at, they moved it! The worst part of the fact that they moved the reunion anywhere else is the fact that they moved it outdoors! My pal and I aren’t going to have any access to a/c at all this year when my associate and I have the reunion. I just don’t know if this is a great idea, but I feel like it’s not. I guess that my associate and I are all going to be uncomfortable.