We get our HVAC system writing work done for the local contractor

We just got home from the gym.

This is an outside gym called the beach.

Our friend was out there and told us she wants to film us skyball serve, which is a serve that is served vertically into the air to a height of about 8 stories high. It then comes down into the volleyball court at a high speed. They have an Instagram page for volleyball and they want to put our serve video on the site, which is kind of cool because it’s one of our number one things we like to do in the games. The local business has many people who watch our games and we get some good action during the games while the temps are heating up on the beach. This summer time is going to be packed and we will have so much fun playing songs on the beaches in the evening after the games are done. This week we are going to go out there to play in about two hours once we get our Heating & Air Conditioning system writing work done for the local corporation in town. They use our stories to get a better web presence and more clients. We will be at the beach today by 4pm and will stay out there till the sunlight goes down around 7pm. We’ll go home to our air conditioner and take a nice hot shower now that we finally got our hot water heating working. We didn’t have a hot shower for about seven weeks and now we are back to normal.

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