Layer up, layer down

Every day is a constant battle for me.

There are so many things to keep my brain focused on each day, I swear that I need a running to-do list for every spare second of my time. My full time job is quite exhausting because my bosses are glorified children with bank accounts. I spend every week cleaning up their messes and chasing down details to do my work. After that, I get to start up on my second job where I stare endlessly at a computer performing tedious tasks. Finally, I start up on my third job, which is an online support community that I’ve developed. With all this going on, the last thing I need to worry about is my comfort on a minute by minute basis. That’s why I’m getting real sick and tired of this damn summer weather. To be clear, the weather itself is pretty constant. It’s hot. Every day, in and out, it’s ungodly hot. When you are outside, you are going to be red, sweaty, and sticky. The problem for me is when you walk back inside a building or residence. The outdoor air temperature does not prepare you for the brutally cold temperatures that you’ll find within any modern venue. This means I spend all day putting layers on and off as I go inside and out to conduct business. When I walk inside, I throw on two sweaters and brace for the chill. As I pass back out into the sunlight, I hurriedly pull all my layers off to prepare for the horrific heat. As if I don’t have enough on my mind, these days I’m always worried about keeping track of layers on top of my sweaty and shivering body.

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