Getting some a/c system service soon

The days are getting easily long now as my fantastic friend and I near the longest day of the year around June 21st. This week is June 4th so my fantastic friend and I are easily close to it already with the sun setting around 9:30 pm plus the daylight not fading away till almost 10:30 pm. I have noticed that I sleep a lot better in the winter time though because I get to bed much earlier plus sleep a lot better as a result. I will just have to difficult it out though because there is not much I can do about the long days. Cooling down my room at night is pressing because when the weather is heating up like this my room can get unbearably hot for sleeping. I keep my room at 72 F plus sleep easily well when it is around that temp, however without any air in my room by the time day comes it is close to 68 F from my body heating up the small family room. I have a nice little mini split a/c system unit that does a fantastic task of cooling down the room however it is going to need some service soon as it has been a while since the Heating plus A/C tech was out to service it. I noticed a small leak under the unit plus am wondering if something is plugged or dirty, although I will leave that to the pro when they come out plus take a look at the unit. I bet the cooling company will be able to service it the same day they come out.


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