Had a Bit too Much fun Last Night Once Again

A group of Spanish people and myself were playing music next to the big old church by the sea till about 11pm last night.

We had drums, guitars, keyboards, an accordion and a whole lot of fun singing songs.

I think we played from 8pm to 11pm, so that was three hours of drumming by me after playing two hours of beach volleyball. Needless to say, when I woke up this morning my whole body was hurting, especially my shoulders as they took the brunt of the playing. I’m working at the HVAC provider today but it should be an easy day since they are closed for inventory. I will just be in the back warehouse doing some inventory on the new HVAC equipment that came in and making sure we got everything we ordered. I think I am working about three hours today in the back room with inventory and then I will be in the main room doing some organizing and cleaning. There will be three of us working there today; myself, an HVAC repairman working on some heat pumps, and the store manager doing stuff on the computer and phone. We are all really good friends and we will probably go to lunch at some point in the restaurant next to the shop. After work I am going to meet a buddy to help train him in weights, but as for me, I’ll just be assisting him today as my whole body feels like a train ran over it. Tomorrow the local business is having a sale on fruits so I’ll be there early in the morning.

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