When he woke up in the morning his whole body was in pain

A group of European buddies and Fred were playing songs next to the huge dilapidated church by the sea till about 12pm last evening.

There were drums, guitars, keyboards, an accordion and so much fun singing music.

Fred says they played from 7pm to 12pm. He was the one drumming after playing lots of beach volleyball. Today, when he woke up this morning Fred’s whole body was hurting, especially his shoulders as they took the brunt of the playing. He is working at the Heating and A/C provider this week however it should be an easy morning since they are closed for inventory. Fred will just be in the back warehouse doing some inventory on the current Heating and A/C device that came in. His role is to make sure they got everything they ordered. He is working about three days a week in the back room with inventory and then Fred will be in the main room doing some organizing and cleaning. There will be three of them working there this week; himself, an Heating and A/C repairman working on some heat pumps, and the store manager doing stuff on the ipad and iphone. They are great friends and all of us will entirely go to brunch at some point in the steakhouse next to the shop. After work Fred is going to meet a neighbor to help train him in weights. He will just be assisting him this week as his whole body aches. Tomorrow the local shop is having a sale on fruits so Fred will be there early in the morning.

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