She can take apart the machine and rewire it

Susan is one of my best friends.

She used to work on the first shift at the plant.

When his girlfriend got pregnant, Susan decided to go to the 2nd shift so someone could be home with a baby at all times of the morning and night. It’s $200 every week to put an infant in daycare. Susan and her girlfriend did not want to put the baby in daycare and they really did not want to spend so much money every week of their hard- acquired money. Sadly for us at the plant, Susan was the only person that could repair all of the electrical faults with these machines. She is a whiz with electrical stuff. Susan can take a unit apart and rewire it so it works even better than it did before. I knew we were going to be in deep trouble when she moved from the first shift to the second shift. Last Friday there was an issue with one of the machines. It kept sparking inside of the section where all of the electrical stuff is located. I told the crew to shut down the machine. We contacted the electrical professional on duty and he could not fix the problem. I told the men that we needed to contact Susan to repair the electrical problem. But the boss did not want to spend money on him overtime. Instead, we sat around for 3 hours while the other guy poked and prodded at the issue until he finally solved the problem. Susan would have had that fixed in less than an hour.

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