Asher will pound out several articles and then go out for some fresh air. He has a system down with his work and it seems to work for him. He writes for about an hour or so in the morning when he wakes up and then Asher goes for an hour bike ride and swim to wake up even more. When he comes home Asher then has just one more hour of work and the rest of his morning is free for him to do as he pleases. He still has some chores to do like wash the HEPA filter in his Heating and Air Conditioning system and do his yoga routine, but that is simple stuff and Asher doesn't mind doing it. He spends some time with his lady playing with the cats in the family room and then Asher heads out for a ride around town to look at people and local businesses. He has a simple life and the only thing missing from it is more time with his family and friends back home in the States. Asher will move back in a year or two and work for this local corporation back home for several years doing HVAC duct cleaning and repairs, while he plays songs at night in clubs and bars, and spends time with his family and friends. Asher is playing in a band now overseas and can’t leave because he has an amazing chemistry and is making some headway in the songs industry over here. His new corporation friend here is going to have us do a gig soon for his Heating & Air Conditioning business.


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