The HEPA filter sales guy told him that this is part of life

Are you okay with the life you are living, or do you feel like something is missing and you could be happier? Tom seems to feel the latter more often, as he is one of those dreamer types of people who is always looking for something better.

Tom wishes he could just be thrilled with what he has and who he is, but it seems he has been programmed to always keep climbing the mountain in search of better views.

Maybe this is an innate thing in us as people and we are never entirely satisfied with life. The HEPA filter sales guy told him that this is part of life, as he was working on an air conditioner set up in someone’s home. Tom feels right now the only thing missing in his life would be the appreciation of a charming lady like he used to have but lost. He saw her walk by the other morning while sitting at a local business, and he messaged her but she never replied, which tells him that the Heating & Air Conditioning rep beauty is with someone else or isn’t interested in him anymore. His worst nightmare was to lose her and when it happened Tom spent several sleepless days with tears rolling down his cheeks. He feels the HEPA filter expert was right when he said that life has so much of loss and he needs to accept them all, as he was checking the indoor air quality one morning while they were working. Tom is still reeling over the loss of Kat, but one morning he’ll accept it.

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