Today is supposed to be about 74F out

We are down to just about 45 minutes of work left online, but we are going to get out of here in about 20 more minutes to take a bike ride. We like to get most of our work done before the ride though because when we get to the beach our friends will be there and beckoning us to come play with them. We will go for a short ride and rest on a bench to eat our lunch while we watch them play in the sand. Then we’ll go for a short swim and come home to air conditioning while we finish our work online. If we can hold out for 20 more minutes and keep working then we will only have about 25 minutes of work left to do after we swim and we can get back down to the beach soon after. It’s heating up out there and we will need huge hats and sunscreen if we go out early and leave the shelter of our climate controlled flat. Today is supposed to be about 74F out, which is perfect for playing beach volleyball, but we need to see how our backs feel because we feel tight right now. We’ll turn on our boiler and do a good long yoga session before we go to the beach to loosen our back up a bit. We also have some Biofreeze gel we can put on to relieve the pain, which seems to work well for sore backs. We also like cooling it down with some ice and then heating it up with a hot water bottle.

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